Empowering Leader & Speaker



Vanessa Arseneau is an Empowering Leader and Speaker. She connects with her audience through inspiring and entertaining storytelling.

As a child, I was shy, calm and quiet. So shy that my parents were even worried I would not be able to stand up for myself while growing up. As a teenager, I was easily influenced and could barely express my opinions.  

It's only in college that everything shifted. I had enough of dealing with the pressure that I was putting on myself by being the way I thought others wanted me to be.

Over the years, it's only after I went through multiple challenges, that I discovered who I really was and was able to let go of the mask I was wearing to embrace who I really was deep down.

Today, my goal is to empower others to do the same. To let go of the mask, to step into authenticity and embrace their truth,

I have an ambitious goal to deliver 100 inspiring speeches by 2021. Help me achieve that goal by inviting me to speak at your next event, group meeting or other speaking opportunities!


I have been inspiring audiences from groups of 10 to 80 people by delivering speeches and connecting through storytelling. You can find a few examples of my speeches below.



Over 5 years experience in communications, social media strategies and branding


Storytelling is the best way to connect with an audience to educate and deliver a powerful message.


A fun, inspiring and professional Master of Ceremony is the key to keep a crowd interested and an event on track.


Experience of leading teams of 25+ people, through organizing events, projects and lobbying.




“Vanessa, you were both inspiring and brought humour to the event. You got everyone involved and everyone was laughing and having fun! That what we wanted to do."

Julie, Organizer of Toastmaster World Championship Live Stream event in Ottawa

August 2019

“Vanessa MC'ed an information gathering session. An agenda had been developed and she made it her own. She led the session like a pro and share her own stories and experience. It was a very successful meeting. Thank you Vanessa! I hope you can help us again in the future."

Naomi Bambara, Toastmasters District 61 - Division D Director