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© 2018 by Vanessa Arseneau. 

About me

Vanessa was originally born and raised in the province of Quebec, in Canada. She moved in the province of Ontario to study in business administration at La Cité college. While at school, she was highly involved in the student community: She co-founded a student entrepreneurship club to help students develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, later she became student president of the college and was very dedicated to making the students' lifestyle more than just going to school. 

It's after college that the real journey started. Not really sure about what to do next, she decided to follow a dream that she always had in mind: move abroad. In September 2016, she moved in London, United Kingdom. That's when her life changed. Being completely outside of her comfort zone, she started seeing the world differently, she learned about other cultures as much as she learned about herself.

Through her journey abroad, she got many comments from people of her surrounding that shocked her:

"You're so lucky to have realized your dreams", "I would never have the courage to do something like this", "Why would you move abroad when you have no job or no family over there?". 

She realized that most people don't get much outside of their comfort zone, nor take action to go after things that they really want. It's easier to find excuses than working hard for it.

That's when she decided she wanted to make an impact. Inspire and empower others. Help people find that magic that's outside of our comfort zone and make our dreams come true.

My Crew

Jordane La Salle

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Jordane is a translator from English to French. She has been taking care of translating and setting the subtitles of all my Youtube videos. She also helped me for the translation of many other content.

Arimi Takeichi

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Arimi graduated from University in film studies. She is now studying TV writing and producing in college. She have been helping a lot with the production and editing of my Youtube videos !

Laurence Crête

  • Email Laurence
  • LinkedIn

Laurence is a uni student in communications and a young PR professional. She is helping me with all the communications and marketing strategy.


Samuel Martineau

Samuel have been an amazing friend for many years now and have been like a big brother in my life. No matter what, he always have been there for the exciting moments, the frustrations, the tears, the questions, the struggles, the wondering. He would always support me, even in the craziest ideas and it means the world to me. When you're going through a tough journey, you need a friend like Sam. Thank you for your support my friend!

Patrick Foucault

Pat, thanks for taking the time to be a friend even when you didn't have it. Thanks for believing in me and cheering me up when I needed it. You've got such a positive personality, it's hard to feel down around you. You brought happiness, laugh and hope in my life. My journey wasn't always easy, but with you around, it was always brighter. 

Jennyca Jean-Denis

Jennyca, you got such a strong personality and you came into my life without me expecting it at all. You are so loving and caring of people around you, you always say the right words to make me feel like a queen and you never let me feel down. I feel like you know me so well, even if we have know each other for such a short period of time. I admire you for being so respectful of others as much as you are respectful of yourself. You're a strong woman and I'm glad to have you as a friend.

Josée Lise Lavoie

Graphic Designer

Josée, you have been so much help for the design of my brand and logo. Your creative spirit got me in the right way, I know you took the time to work hard even when you didn't even have the time. Josée is a great artists, listens to her clients need, she is creative and detail-oriented.

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Julie Arseneau

My mom is a super hero in my life. I have watched her being the strongest woman I know and she inspired me to be like her. She has never let me lose faith in myself, she taught me to dive in life's challenges fearless, she was always there to listen and support me no matter what. Even if my ideas seemed crazy, even if I changed my mind 3 times... She always knew I would figure it out, she knew I would succeed.

Philippe Brunet

Philippe, you have been my conscious when I needed a little push. We share a similar mindset and when I needed someone to help me take that extra jump, you were the one to make me see the whole picture and believe in myself. You've got an amazing personality, you're not scared of challenges and I believe in you as much as I know you believe in me. You will go far, my friend.

Blanka Molnar

Blanka is a life coach and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be going after my dreams right now. She is the one that got me to realize what I truly wanted, why I wanted and helped me take action towards it. Blanka, you made me think of questions I never even thought of, myself. You digged with me so deep I was vulnerable, but you never judged and just asked the right question to make me think. I could never thank you enough for helping me getting into this journey. I encourage anyone that is committed to make changes in their lives to contact Blanka : molnar.lifecoach@gmail.com

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