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© 2018 by Vanessa Arseneau. 

Make Your Dreams Happen


Have you ever had a thought that sounded like this: “I’ve always dreamed of doing this, but…” and then you have a reason or excuse that is keeping you from realizing that dream?

What is that reason? 
You don’t know how or don’t have the skills? You don’t have the time or money? You’re too young or too old for it? Or maybe, you’ll just do it later…?

There are many non-supportive stories that we tell ourselves to justify why our bucket list is still full and why we are still dreaming rather than doing.

This event is what is going to change all that.

We are hosting this event that is going to get you to take action right away towards realizing those dreams.

At the event:
- You'll spend the day with ambitious like-minded people. 
- You'll learn how to set goals and hit them.
- You'll set a full plan to realize your dreams that you can start implementing in your life right away.
- You'll get inspired by amazing speakers that will share their crazy life stories about how life gets in the way of your dreams, but how YOU can change that.
- You'll learn about how to commit to the process for the results to ensue.
- You'll work on how you can embody the real you that will make all of those dreams happen!

By the end of this event, you will walk out with a fully actionable plan to take action towards your dreams and learn about how to adopt a mindset to see changes in your life.

Let's make your dreams happen !

Thank you so much to Coworkly for the use of the space !

Agenda for the day:

8:30am Arrivals, Networking, coffee

9:00am Welcome speech and introduction

9:30am Setting goals 
with Vanessa Arseneau

11:00am Commit to the process, results will ensue 
with Oliver Wolf Verkempinck, from The Wolf Syndicate Coaching.

People look too much for events and instant gratitude and forget about the process/grind it takes to get there - the news only displays events not the hustle.

12:00pm Lunch break

1:00pm Jay Andrews, resilience coach.

1:30pm David Paré, from The Embodied Influencer.

3:00pm Closing speech.

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